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My preemptive schedule:

Bound to You - RELEASED on Amazon and B&N

Bound by Destiny - RELEASED on Amazon and BN

The Black Aces MC- RELEASED on Amazon (BN pending)

No Blood Bound - IN CONCEPT

Unapologetically Nessa - RELEASED on Amazon (BN pending)

A Christian Tale- WRITING

Do You Want a 'Cup of Coffee?' - UPCOMING

Possible Releases:

It's Our Anniversary, Remember Me?

  • May 18: Bound to You Indie Author Book Highlight 7pm
  • May 24: Author Spotlight-Online
  • May 29: Author Spotlight: Aislin's Coven Members
  • May 30: Trisha's Tribe 500 Member Quarantine Party
  • June 15: Short & Sweet Summer Podcast
  • June 19: Swag-gering Shoutput Page Presents: The Togetherness Takeover
  • June 25: "Alchemy Unfolding" x 2 Takeover
  • June 27: Lyra's Book Babes Luca Book Release Party
  • June 29: Luscious Lair "Alchemy Unfolding" Takeover
  • July 4: Swag-gering 4th of July Takeover
  • July 12: Dirty Bad Boom Boom Room: A Darker Love Takeover
  • July 19: Amped Up Books: A Darker Love Release Party
  • July 21: BARR Author Takeover Spotlight
  • July 22: Bound by Destiny Indie Author Book Highlight
  • July 23: Bound by Destiny & Tinhead Joint release!
  • July 24: Soulsisters Romance Spotlight
  • July 31: Swag-gering Small Town Romance Author Takeover
  • August 1: Forever Flynn Release Party
  • August 3: Bound to You Radio Spotlight (Central Florida)
  • August 14: IG LIVE w/DS Miller
  • August 29: Dirty Bad Boom Boom Room: A Darker Love Release Party
  • Sept 25: Authors on the Riverwalk-Virtual Author Tour

All About Romance Podcast:


Latest News


Welcome to my page! Please be patient as I try to get this page together, until then there are links to my Amazon released debut book, "Bound to You" and a few from my Wattpad page. Like, Comment, and Share!


Again, welcome to my page! I haven't quite decided my schedule for posts but I wanted to keep you updated. So I've published my book, and I am currently advertising and doing word of mouth and that seems to be going okay, I attended my first author expo in Oklahoma City which was amazing! So now what?

  • I signed up for my first local book fair in Kensington, MD, so Kam, Kayd and I will be making our mark there.

  • Found another book fair I am going to sign up for that's free of charge, #exposure

  • I was just asked to participate in a podcast...me!...I am no public speaker but I feel like because this is a phone conversation no one will see me blush. The exposure is coming slowly but surely and I appreciate it.


Welcome back everyone! I say that for myself as well, I've been busy working non-stop with this pandemic. I hope you are all staying safe and doing lots of activities to keep you sane.

Me? Besides work I have finally finished my editing of In Love with a Legacy, which is Bound to You part II and I have sent it to my dear Beta readers. And now...I wait. I have been told my story seemed rushed and so I took that for action and I hope that this time everything is concise, clear, and steady.

On the same front, GOOD NEWS!, Bound to You will be a series, we already knew that, but I renamed In Love with a Legacy to make it the Bound series. It will go as follows:

  • Bound to You

  • Bound by Destiny

  • Blood Bound

It was already going to be a trilogy but I hadn't thought about a similar title series but I have had plenty of time these past weeks. So there is the good news! Are you excited? I am!

Now that it's onto the next stage I am working on Do You Want a 'Cup of Coffee' which has been done for weeks now I just haven't released it all and also want to get that granularity. I know I like it but I need it to grab the readers attention.

It's Our Anniversary, my once fluff piece is now a story about heartache, child loss, infertility and abuse. I actually like the turn it took to separate it from my other romances. It's definitely a work in progress but I am considering publishing it eventually. Somebody need to read this.

Any who, I've babbled enough and with this pandemic I should save some of it for next time.

Please stay safe and at home, from somebody whose immune system is compromised, you're not stuck at home you are SAFE at home.


Welcome back! I say that for myself as well, this quarantine time has been interesting to say the least. I think my time as a writer has helped me combat the loneliness and solitude. I would love to say I've been writing up a storm but alas, I have not. I am still an essential worker even though I am at home. Being an emergency manager is 24/7 and so I have to balance work and the little time off we get and I spend it resting. :)

Anyway, we're here to talk about my stories. So I did managed to finish Do You Want a 'Cup of Coffee?' and I was sad to see Jax and Remi go. I tend to live through my stories and their story, though very nontraditional, was one of my favorites. I think because I used photos to show my characters and their homes so I could visualize them in the story. After finishing it was when I decided it would indeed be turned into a book. It will come eventually but it definitely needs to pass my harsh editing eye before it heads to my beta readers or editor.

In Bound Series business, it is being finalized and sent back from my betas and next it will go to my editor. I have a wonderful young lady putting together the promo materials and I will get in touch with my cover designer and get the wheels turning early. I plan a release in the July/August time frame and hopefully, six months after that can I release Blood Bound. It will be amazing to say that I have a box set series!

I hope that you are finding some time to take care of yourself through these rough times. It's okay to run the gamut of emotions but don't do it alone. Talk to someone, talk to me! It's something we are all going through for the first time. If you need an outlet, read a book and travel to another world.

Until next time!


It's gonna be MAY! Hello everyone and nice to see you. Not much has changed, the world is still closed and we recognize who the real HEROES are in this pandemic. I'm on day 43, I think, of self isolation and all is okay. I hate a slight reprieve and didn't force my thoughts, my writing, or my reading. It was definitely weird but much needed because now I have updates:

  • Bound by Destiny has been reviewed by my Betas (thank you!) and is off to my editor

  • Unapologetically Nessa and a Christian Tale are next before part III of the Bound series

  • A new story formed in the meantime and I've been feverishly working on it, it is my first MC (motorcycle club) story. It's a different realm for me and I have been getting much needed advice so that it can be a real good read. It is NOT for the weak souled! (language, graphic sex, and more language) It is still untitled but the promo for it is below. The story will reside on wattpad and I will start to release the chapters soon.

Well, that's it, until next time wonderful people!

6/24 2020

Hello beautiful people! It has been a while since I have updated, I've been in my writing cave or my reading cave. I don't know about you but I have read some amazing stories during this quarantine, I even kept a list. A few titles to suggest:

On Ice, A Hockey Romance

Embrace the Darkness

Breaking Rebecka


Prince Eli

Volatile Obsessions

This is merely a short list of amazing titles there are so many more!

Okay back to the updates because there are so many!

#1 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that Bound by Destiny will be out on July 22! I will have pre-sale available this time. I am so excited to see my second book come to life, it's incredible! The cover is below. I will be co-hosting a release party with my co-Author from across the pond, Ruby Carter. The book Tinhead is a hard hitting MC story and is the 4th installment in the Devils Reapers MC set! There's Flex, Bear, Axe, and now Tinhead. They are all so good let me tell you!

#2 Next announcement is that by schedule the next to bat will be Unapologetically Nessa BUT new addition to the release party will be my brand new motorcycle club story, the Black Aces. It has become super popular, super quick so of course I am eager to release it. Planning on a Fall 2020 release for both book if not by year's end. I am amazed by the attention it is getting so why not?

#3 That means right now there is no current WIP! It's crazy but I have 5 stories that need my editing charm, btw how did no one tell me the awesomness of Google Docs?! Where have I been?!

#4 I did my first ever podcast, it's called All About Romance, I tried to embed it and failed so here is the website if you want to listen, it's only 15 minutes!


I am sure I am missing something but it's late and I needed to keep you wonderful people updated. Until next time!


Hello again everyone!

Thanks for sticking around as I try to make updates as best I can. So how have you been? Me, I've been busy. Some good stuff too!

FIRST: BOUND BY DESTINY is out and available on Amazon and in a few days on Barnes & Noble! This is the tale of the Miller heirs and their takeover of the great Cheshire Pack.

The next thing is I had paused everything else when an idea to do the Black Aces came on strong and I couldn't stop writing it and because of that and its popularity on Wattpad (10.1K in under 3 months) before I pulled it, I decided to release that at the same time as Unapologetically Nessa, book #3 of the Bound Series. Those two I am hoping to release in the late September/early October time frame.

There have already been asks if I am going to do side stories to the other members of the Black Aces and the answer is maybe...I do want to do a story on Digi and how he came to be because everyone seems to love Digi and I have titled it "Digi-tale" get it, digital or Digi's tale. Okay, it's a lame joke but I love it. And I'll have to start his story by actually giving him an actual name! Realized that after I finished Black Aces that I only revealed one character's real name.

So be on the look out for the tale of the Black Aces Brothers and tell me which one you would like to see!

Nessa's story has been fully converted from 3rd POV to 1st POV and I have to say it sounds much much better! I still have a few edits to make on Kam's POV in her story but it shouldn't take more than a day.

That's what we got thus far! I wish I could go out and promote my books but hey, we have to worry about our health and safety and that goes for you as well! That's why my digital list of events is a mile long. Trying to participate in any and everything as much as possible. I have done my first podcast with Trisha and she made it easy and now I will be doing my first IG Live! Nervous, to say the least but I am going to do it!

As always find me on social media or email me if you have questions! I love my readers they make it all worth it :)


Hello peeps!

And I am back for an update! A lot has happened, so Unapologetically Nessa and the Black Aces are in beta testing and next will be the editor for release. I said I was going to do a Sept/Oct release but time is moving too quickly so I am going to publish Nessa first and then the Black Aces. The deadline is still before year's end just need a few additional weeks. :)

The cover for Nessa is DONE! And it is beautiful! I haven't set a date to reveal but I cannot wait, it is my first time using a person on my cover but don't fret there will always be a wolf somewhere in the background. Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Along with that I have started to brainstorm A Christian Tale, well to be more specific Christian is starting to buzz in my ear so his story I will be clacking away soon. I did create the teaser for his story for the end of Nessa, so here you go!

A Christian Tale Blurb:

"It's bad enough I sense her on their pack land, she's affiliated...affiliated with my enemies but...this could work to my advantage. My precious little mate doesn't have to know everything. She just has to be on my side when I lay out my plan of attack on the "great" Cheshire pack. Her love will seal her to me no matter how close she is to Luna Kamari and if she fights it, I'll reject her and it will kill her, literally. She'll be too in love to go against me though, this WILL go as planned no matter how long it takes."

-Christian Grey

What do you think? Does he intrigue yuu? I will tell you his story is going to be complicated and it set's up the final book, Blood Bound!

Well I believe that's it for now but thanks for reading! Until next time lovely people.


Bound to You

Released February 5, 2020

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Wattpad Story

Mis-Taken Identity

A snap of the finger and your whole world can change, that's what happened to Yana aka Yaya. She went from loving fiancee to heartbroken widow. Now she is desperate to know why. Why was her life rattled loose? Now she puts the pieces together as she tries to move on with her life without her love.


Wattpad Story

Life After: The Freshman Series

An adaptation of the Choices game series, The Freshman.

What happens after the graduation cap falls? Find out when Amaiya has to give the graduation speech and figure out how to adjust to life as an adult, an upcoming writer, and her relationship with her beau, Zig.

How scary can the real world be?


Wattpad Story

Do You Want a 'Cup of Coffee?'

A cold brew tale of Remington Brooks but everyone calls her Remi, obviously her father really wanted a boy but he tells her he wanted her to have a strong name, a name no one will forget.

She owns Deja Brew, a hip coffee bar that emphasizes creativity in everything including their drinks. It has been her life long dream to have something of her own but business isn't booming enough for her to feel comfortable.

She has to find a niche she can work to gain business and save her shop. What is she willing to sacrifice or do in order to stay open?




Just because they call me Cupid doesn't mean I will fall in love ever again.
I'm Aleister McElroy. I'm rugged, tough, and hardcore. In fact, as a ember of the Black Aces MC, my motto is "f*ck love" No body and no circumstance is ever going to change that. I've done that before and have regretted it every time.
If I have to put up with that fat cherub bastard again, I'll lose it.

I'm Lyric Pullman, and the only luck I have is bad luck. In fact, it's worse than bad. I'm tending bar in some back water bar in a back water town after being abandoned by my so called loving boyfriend.
As soon as I earn enough in tips I'm out of this sh*tshow.
The motorcycle club showed up.

You'll love this angsty, hard tale of a hardcore MC biker and the down-on-her-luck bartender whose worlds collide in a small New Mexico town, because who doesn't love rugged men and a waitress in distress.


wattpad: @mskeiya



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